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What we neverlet go of

No part can leave our factory without meeting customer requirements, international standards and tolerances exactly. We never compromise on this, because it's our way of ensuring that the end result, wherever it goes on Earth or in space, will stand proud. We have been working with some of our partners for 25 years, which is a great endorsement for us. We give them a service that makes them want to entrust us with their next project.

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How do we work?

We think ahead

The designs are also examined from a manufacturability point of view. We will draw your attention to any anomalies before quoting and suggest solutions.

With engineering precision

An integral part of our production process is the in-process inspection, which is carried out with the most modern measuring equipment and a dedicated specialist.

We keep our word

What we agree on, we will deliver 100%. We focus on deadlines, backed up by a reliable supplier base and our Enterprise resource planning system.

Our main areas of expertise

Space technology

Aerospace components are made from rarely used materials with unique compositions that require a high level of expertise to machine. They must be both super lightweight and able to withstand extreme conditions. There is no room for error. We've been involved in space projects for over 20 years and are proud to have several precison machined parts flying in space that were made in our facility.

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Automotive industry

The automotive industry presents many challenges to manufacturers and suppliers. We counter mass production and tight deadlines with organisation and precisely planned processes. We are currently suppliers to several automotive companies, both in the productive and the improductive sector. Typically, we supply component qualification machines to test laboratories, assembly stations or clamping units for production lines.

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Energy industry

Components for the energy industry are special because they are made from special alloy materials or require alloys that have to be manufactured to the customer's specifications for a specific material, because these alloys are not available on the market. If we work with such materials, we need to develop the machining technology and we need to be able to have the raw material produced in a larger volume. Knowing and using these types of materials at a skill level gives us the opportunity to supply solutions to industries such as gas and steam turbines and even nuclear power plants.

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Vacuum furnaces

In Hungary we have almost unique knowledge in the design, construction and operation of vacuum chambers and vacuum furnaces. Whether it is heating, cooling, gas treatment in a vacuum chamber, we can design and manufacture a vacuum system to meet your specific requirements. The vacuum systems we design and manufacture can be found in domestic research facilities.

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We have more than 25 years of experience in the manufacture of components and machinery, but we start every new project with the aim of providing the highest quality technical solutions. Our aim is to make you equally proud of the tangible end result.

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